Paris, September 23, 2014: TextMaster sheds light on the latest trends in e-commerce at the 11rd edition of the show Paris e-Commerce which will be held from September 23 to 25, Porte de Versailles.

International development creates new opportunities but also new visibility requirements for e-merchants. In an international multichannel and multilingual context, TextMaster will demonstrate its online platform for the creation and translation of content as well as its new Magento plugin.


In an international context, how does an e-commerce site stand out from its competition?
The first step is to understand that each of your target markets is unique. In Europe, a recent study shows that more than one in two Internet users only visit a website if its content is written in their mother tongue *. Translating and localizing your text is therefore essential to convince your potential customers, beyond the simple translation into English. When expanded internationally, the company not only had its site translated into English, but also translated into 8 other languages. In 2013, it also changed its name to a more universal name: Blablacar and localized its entire marketing approach, with telephone lines, Internet addresses (.de, .ru, etc.) and social network accounts adapted to each country.

To go further, successful e-commerce sites also tailor their content to cultural preferences, holidays and national holidays. A good example: HostelWorld, the youth hostel booking site, creates individual content for its blog in 19 languages!


For e-merchants, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are essential visibility tools. How to master these tools in an international context?
When it comes to internationalization, the first step is indeed to attract new customers through SEO and SEM. And the first instinct is generally to translate your keywords without taking the time to think about the specificities of your markets ... Besides, it is essential to analyze the most searched terms in each of your target markets to deduce your priority keywords. . For example, the term "women's jacket" may be quite common in one market while the term "women's blazer" may be used much more in another. It is therefore very important to identify and put in competition all the possible variations of keywords, to retain only the most relevant. From this in-depth research, the success of its international SEO and SEM will depend.

To go further with SEO, it's also important to understand that translation alone is not enough. It will be necessary to quickly invest in the conquest of local backlinks (inbound links) to strengthen its visibility with search engines. It is really the successful match of quality content + well-identified keywords + local backlinks that will make the difference.


What are the pitfalls to avoid when trying to create a localized customer experience?
The main error encountered is a localization which is limited to the only facade of the website. More often than not, the experience is quite neat until the purchase but then suddenly deteriorates. We most often notice the forgetting of translations of transactional emails (order confirmation, delivery tracking, forgetting of password) or even newsletters, and worse, customer service that does not respond in the language of delivery. origin of the message, but in English! While it is easy to understand that we do not have the means of a multilingual team in 10 languages, it is however possible to translate responses to customers very quickly and thus respond to them in their language, rather than in English, while the original message was in Italian for example ...

* Source: Common Sense Advisory, Can't Read, Won't Buy 2014

TextMaster at the Paris e-commerce fair

TextMaster will be on stand H 079 at the e-commerce fair, from September 23 to 25. The event will take place Porte de Versailles in Paris.

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