Funny marketing idea proposed to Reebok by the agency The Viral Company, and yet this idea will see the light of day in Sweden since next August 30 against the tattoo of the Reebok logo on you, a lot of Reebok gifts of a value of 545 euros will be offered to you by the brand.

Get the Reebok logo tattoo for a lot of gifts!

It's next Saturday, August 30, that Swedish fans of the brand will be able to take the plunge by getting the Reebok logo tattooed during the Tough Viking.

Each tattooed person will leave with his little prize Reebok worth 545 €

Already a follower of surprising marketing moves, Reebok remains in the same vein with this operation.



We remember this summer the publicity stunt launched on the occasion of CrossFit in California with the “Bacon” line.

Here Reebok dares more by suggesting the tattoo of its logo on its fans!

And that's not all ! The bigger the logo, the more chance they will have of winning a full year of sponsorship for a value of € 4360!

Reebok one day, always Reebok?


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