Digital technology is booming and aims to develop more and more. While it is an integral part of our lives, especially thanks to social networks and the Internet, it is important to ask the right questions to take control of our digital lives.

Why do you want to take control?

Each action of users (people, communities) on the Internet leaves digital traces. This information, recorded through our browsing, is collected by Google or other search engines, and gradually becomes public.

This is where Christophe Blazquez, co-founder of Mêlée d'Adour, a federating structure for players in the digital economy in the Adour basin, comes in. He is the author of the book “A reflective digital identity” published by Gereso editions, which allows Internet users to learn how to protect themselves from possible attacks on the Internet in order to create a secure and controlled digital identity. Because yes, creating a digital identity also means asserting your place on the Internet in complete safety.

Internet is a powerful tool to better target its customers, to gain new ones, to make oneself known, to find a job ...

Through this book, the author invites us to rediscover the Internet, to reflect on our actions on the web to clearly define our objectives and what we want to disseminate. This book is above all a lot of advice that brings new knowledge about digital technology and its developments, with the aim that each digital identity is controlled and leads to success.

"Professional digital identity is the whole of what I say and what I do in a professional capacity on the Internet" Christophe Blazquez.

Come and discover the book "A thoughtful digital identity" by Christophe Blazquez, in store or online, published by GERESO.

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