On the occasion of Valentine's Day, the jewelry brand Swarovski launches: "#FollowYourHeart". A large-scale 360 ​​° device, the campaign will be deployed throughout the year on all of the brand's touchpoints, e-commerce sites and social networks. A bias for the brand that takes advantage of the most tender sales period of the year to launch a new and liberating message that emancipates women and gives us the opportunity to say I love you in style.

Light up the life of someone you love

Through a neat 20-second video, Swarovski features an intrepid woman surprising her “Valentine” at a romantic location. Together they take the exciting path of unconditional love with a brilliant collection of jewelry, watches and accessories that encapsulate a modern, almost wild romance.

A renewal for the brand

This is a renewal for Swarovski, which, accompanied by Publicis Luxe, clearly shows its desire to modernize its image through its speeches and a daring representation of women. Here, no muse, just the staging of jewelry with the transformative power of crystal that gives life to light, and to our personalities. By using lifestyle, the brand is aimed at a younger target, while remaining in a classy and modern concept that stands out with pleasure from the many “blue flower” campaigns to which we have become accustomed during the commercial period of Valentine's Day.

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