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From April 21 to May 12, 2012 April 10, 2012 - At the time of the European strikes against the vote on austerity policies and while we are in the home stretch before the French presidential elections; the main concern of the French remains purchasing power and employment., the European leader in consignment and expert in this mode of consumption which is increasing sharply with the economic situation, therefore wants to support the French as much as possible during this difficult period.

How? 'Or' What ? it's simple: expand its range of products at affordable prices, pay cash, earn up to € 250 in vouchers and offer the souls of entrepreneurs to get into franchising! the consignment that brings cash purchasing power

Originally, the concept of consignment was of particular interest to modest households who were looking for second-hand furniture and household furnishings at low prices. Today, consignment stores have become a phenomenon that responds to new consumer behavior.

Smart shopping is a must that everyone is looking for and that for all types of goods.

This is why has extended its ranges of living room, kitchen and bedroom products to new worlds of products deemed expensive but quickly depreciated, such as “high tech” (telephony, games and video consoles, DVDs, etc.), “Cultural” (music, books, comics etc…), but also “decoration”. These products attract a new, younger clientele who, in addition to settling down in life, want to be able to equip themselves with products of their generation. In addition, taking advantage of the Presidential elections, offers vouchers up to € 20 for 250 days.

Another formula offered by to quickly restore purchasing power to consumers: cash deposit and sale. Customers appreciate being able to have money quickly and it is also an opportunity to do good business. wishes to expand its network… an opportunity to become an entrepreneur Present at the Franchise Fair which was held from March 18 to 21, Troc Europe shows its ambition: 360 stores in 2017!

The brand is therefore looking for candidates to embark on the adventure. By integrating, the entrepreneur will benefit from the experience and expertise of the group and other franchisees.

He will also be supported throughout his process to give him the best chances of success: • Start-up assistance: Project study, negotiation advice, study of leases, help with various administrative formalities, support in finding funding, advice in administrative and logistical fields… • Adapted training, 2-month internship for the future franchisee and his employees, complete educational program, permanent training internships, thematic training and seminars. • Opening assistance, with a sales manager before and during the opening, help with starting stock, etc. also provides the franchisee with a complete system: National and local communication, POS, direct marketing, press relations, website, adapted and efficient computer software for each of the concepts and a formidable network dynamic with specific commissions, regional meetings and an annual congress. For any additional information on the consignment shop business, store management, opportunities and franchising, visit / development section.


ABOUT TROC.COM began as an Island Troc on the island of Piot in Avignon in 1982. In 1987, the network expanded into franchises and became a European network in 1996. Leader in Second-hand home, leisure and sports items consignment, also relies on its website and offers an innovative concept at the crossroads of e-commerce and physical stores.

The group offers an innovative concept that meets consumer expectations as closely as possible: an approach combining smart purchasing, anti-crisis consumption and new modes of consumption in mobility (Internet, smartphone, social networks, etc.).

In October 2011, Saphir Capital Partners, a Luxembourg investment fund, took over all of the group's brands: Troc Europe has just been born.

Dominique Munier becomes CEO of the group to support the network in its new ambitions. Severine Oger Karine Berthier Tel: 01 44 94 95 71 Tel: 01 44 94 95 63

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