On the occasion of the release of his IZEBER50 life jacket, Starboard, with the help of the agency Rosa Park, created Wave, a drink with a seawater flavor ...

"Don't taste drowning anymore"

do not taste

To promote its life jacket and raise awareness of the risk of drowning, Tribord, the water sports brand, organized a fun and original event in the port of Marseille. Two hostesses offered the boaters of the port, Wave, a new drink created by the brand… What they did not know is that Wave was made from 100% seawater taken in St Malo! Charmed by the can that looks like an energy drink, boaters drank the drink without asking any questions. They then had the impression of drinking the cup, as happens during the onset of drowning ...

An unpleasant feeling that allowed Tribord to promote its life jacket and to educate boaters about the risk of drowning. To be forgiven, the brand still offered its victims a 30% discount on the IZEBER50 jacket. This operation was also carried out in all the stores Decathlon from France and Europe.

Through this original sensory experience, Tribord has succeeded in its bet: to make boaters react by showing them how important it is to be well equipped at sea.


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