« Speaking without stress ” is the 4th book signed Pascal Haumont. The specialist in oral communication gives us, in his latest book, all the keys to successful public speaking.

Prepare and capture the audience's attention

These are the 2 main keys to a successful oral performance… Did you already know?

In his book, Pascal Haumont goes further by giving unusual preparation tips. Indeed, note-taking, filmed rehearsals or even group play… are all tools that the specialist delivers to us over the 150 pages of his work!

We also learn that stress is never completely erased but is greatly reduced if we know how to do the right things at the right times, starting with the preparation of your oral exam.

Dance this book, the expert in public speaking not only lists his tips for successful oral interventions, he analyzes in a simple way what works and why. And maybe that will surprise you, but it's not just about what you say.

What is interesting is that the author concludes each of the 6 chapters with a summary of the essential things to remember. Goal ? Allow its readers to use the book as an essential working tool. And it works !


"Speaking without stress" | Pascal HAUMONT | 5th edition


Pascal Haumont, oral communication expert

In addition to his 12 years as a computer engineer in Paris and New York, the author began his career as a lecturer 25 years ago. Now an oral communication trainer, actor and even imitator, Pascal Haumont supports professionals who wish to sharpen their oral performance.

Her passion, her mastery and her experience allow her to bring, live or in words, her best tips to facilitate our daily life as a woman, man, student, town hall employee or commercial director. (e)…. The strength of this book is that it applies to everyone, especially those who experience public speaking as an insurmountable exercise.

Like an instruction manual, this book helps you demystify oral performance with simple advice based on the experience of a public speaking enthusiast.


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