For this new Year, SodaStream puts a little more forward its commitments for more responsible and environmentally friendly consumption patterns. Indeed, the brand is launching a new collection of reusable bottles personalized by the illustrator. Bénédicte Sailing.

SodaStream who are you?

The brand, which appeared in France in 2008, has established itself as the world leader in the sparkling water market by volume. It is also the first distributor of sparkling water machines. SodaStream thus offers systems that transform still water into plain or flavored sparkling water. When it arrived on the market, the brand had thus opened up new possibilities in our consumption habits. The mindset is simple: “No need to go to the supermarket to buy thirty thousand bottles to satisfy everyone, you can create your own water at home! "

SodaStream has offered the consumer market a first innovative economic and ecological initiative.

Sodastream where are you from?

Invented at the beginning of the 20st century by Guy Hugh Gilbey, in London, he was looking for how to get carbonated water yourself with carbon dioxide cartridges. Once developed, the concept is innovative and thus launches the story of Sodastream in 1903. Initially, the brand was addressed only to a wealthy part of the population of England like the royal family. It was only in 1955, in the post-war period when reconstruction favored the emergence of what is now called mass consumption, that the brand was made accessible to the British population. Very quickly, the concept seduced beyond the borders of Great Britain.

Sodastream: An innovative and ecological concept

The brand is known around the world and plays the card of eco-responsibility, well before many others. Indeed, the CO2 cylinders present to create the gas in the water are reusable. The company is following through on its initiative by setting up reusable concentrate bottles and containers. This reduces the consumption and pollution of plastic waste, particularly at the origin of 7st continent. Another advantage is that the so-called “water aeration” machine can be used without electricity. It therefore consumes nothing in the person's household. This is how the brand created virtuous circles with eco-citizen tones and it is not over ...

A collection of designer bottles.

To continue on this path, SodaStream is launching its collection of reusable bottles in collaboration with illustrator Bénédicte Voile. A capsule collection, in limited edition, of three bottles designed with sparkling colors to combat the current “bad mood”. With the New Year, these bottles bring a simple resolution: to become responsible in your daily life and your lifestyle. The brand has also thought local and short circuit by promoting a collaboration with an artist from Nantes. The French head office is itself located next to the metropolis. The emulsion of the brand and the illustrator gives rise to a decorative, useful and durable object that highlights the very essence of good design, namely: to design, to be useful and pleasant.

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