Smarttress, a connected mattress that detects infidelity and sends you an alert to warn you of strange movements in your bed ...

The first connected mattress, an idea from Spain


After the connected dress by Intel, the mattress that records the quality of your sleep, here is the infidelity detector mattress " Smarttress "! Developed by the Spanish company Durmet, the connected mattress actually detects the suspicious movements of your spouse during your absence. "The very first mattress that allows you to rest your body at night and your head during the day when you are not at home", promises the Spanish manufacturer Durmet.

Equipped with sensors and equipped with the "Lover Detection System", this new kind of mattress records any unusual activity when you are not at home. The “good” news is that the mattress sends an alert to your smartphone to notify you of this suspicious activity. But the application does not just give a simple alert! It also tells you the number of impacts per minute, the location of these impacts and illustrates, using 3D modeling, how and how often the bed moves.

According to many studies, the rate of infidelity in a couple continues to increase. In France, 47% of French people admit to having already had at least once, an extra-marital relationship during their married life. The Spaniards are considered the most "infidels" in Europe.

"After studying the latest research on infidelity carried out in Spain and considering that 94% of Spaniards prefer to have sex at home in their bed, we thought we could offer some peace of mind to men and women, not only at night but especially during the day when they have to go to work ”, Explain José Antonio Muiño, the company's spokesperson.

Obviously, the mattress looks completely identical to a normal mattress so that your spouse does not suspect a thing! However, the first connected mattress by Durmet remains expensive.

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