What if you could retrace your life? This is now possible thanks to Sonny's new connected bracelet: SmartBand SWR10.

Smartband: Sonny's connected bracelet promises us great memories!


Available in all shapes and colors, the new Sony Smartband SWR10 connected bracelet is indeed an activity traker. Similar to real spyware, you will be able to trace all stages of your life without difficulty.

A good number of tracker software exists on the market, but mainly to measure your physical activity. Today you will be able to record your life and keep every trace of it. Worn 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, the Smartband, completely waterproof; syncs directly to an Android smartphone or tablet. You will be able to record the most intense moments of your life: conversations, trips, trips…. composed of a removable Core sensor and a bracelet, the Smartband promises us happy memories!


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