The start-up Shoptimise, supported by BPI France Innovation (formerly OSEO), announces a first phase of fundraising for an amount of € 1, pending further negotiations with investors.

The French company is launching in July, the 1er Comparison of personalized and geolocated e-caddies (drive and home delivery). With full coverage of online distributors, Shoptimise markets a revolutionary offer at the service of consumers and mass market players. 

Revolutionizing the price comparison market                           

In the current context of economic crisis, price comparison sites are very successful to consumers looking for a smart purchase. According to an LH2 / CA Com survey for LSA magazine, 80% of French people use price comparison sites for their non-food purchases and 42% for their food purchases. The consumer now expert in his purchases, is able to search for information in a very efficient way and no longer only tracks good deals but also a logic of quality / honesty / service.

For Sébastien Thiberge, co-founder of Shoptimise, “ The cost of the same shopping cart varies greatly between the different brands and depending on the location. More surprisingly, we also note significant differences, up to 30%, within the same brand and / or the same catchment area. "

A real trend that gives power back to the consumer and that brings out multiple players. With Shoptimise, however, consumers are guaranteed to go much further than a simple price comparison. Indeed, the implementation of a new generation of algorithms ensures them a personalized optimization of their baskets with an ideal quality / price ratio.

Shoptimiser its purchasing power and its time

With Shoptimise, consumers finally have access to real price transparency and can achieve up to 30% savings by comparing their personal shopping cart on a list of 17 distribution brands, and this in real time ! The optimized cart can be ordered online directly from the distributor of your choice.

With Shoptimise, the shopping experience both online and in physical stores is no longer a chore: less than 5 minutes are necessary to follow the different stages of this innovative tool.

Finally, a direct-to-consumer approach

With their long experience in the e-commerce sector, the 2 founders Laurent Quatrefages and Sébastien Thiberge have been able to set up an e-shopping cart comparator which finally allows brands to come into direct contact with consumers.

"Already, adds Laurent Quatrefages, co-founder of Shoptimise, all major consumer players have the opportunity via our platform to better understand the needs of constantly changing consumers, in order to increase the impact of their communication and / or promotion campaigns. "

About Shoptimise

Created in November 2012 by Laurent Quatrefages (co-founder of Criteo, former CEO of ATG and eCommera France) and Sébastien Thiberge (co-founder and manager of RideSpirit, leading e-commerce site for board sports, from 2000 to 2009) at the service of consumers and mass market players, which is revolutionizing the price comparison sector.

Young Innovative Company, Shoptimise is supported by BPI France Innovation (formerly OSEO) and the start-up lab from the BETC agency.

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