The famous soda brand coca-cola is back with a new product from its huge communication campaign: Share a coca-cola. This time it's at Mc Donald's that you can share your coca-cola!

Share a coca cola: at Mc Donald's



After ordering your personalized bottle on , it is in Mc Donald's in Japan that you can indulge yourselves together. In limited edition in all Mc Donal's in Japan, the new two-hole packaging for two straws surfs the communication of coca cola focused on sharing and well-being!

In size XXL, the cup with two holes to insert two straws will perfectly encourage you to share your coca cola with a friend, a brother, a sister ... Treat yourself and take the time to live alongside the people you love! Coca Cola has understood this well and has been trying for more than two years to share with each other!

To see if the packaging will extend to other continents, for the moment it is only available in Japan ...



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