Shanghai Disneyland: the second park to open in China is a huge success! All tickets for the opening sold out within hours.

A successful park!

The doors have not yet been opened that it is already jostling to Shanghai Disneyland. This weekend, tickets for the first day of opening of the park, which will take place on 16 next June, have been put up for sale. Only now, they were so expected that more than 20 tickets were sold in 000 minutes! Which caused a big computer bug ...

The start signal for purchasing tickets is given via two channels: the official website as well as Alibaba and had been set at midnight and one minute. The service was overwhelmed and did not return to normal operation until 9:30 am It recorded more than 5 million clicks in less than half an hour! At 11:30 am, no more tickets were available for the “D day”. And all hotel rooms were booked in June. Many people try to get it and book hotel rooms for several hours, but… to no avail. The success is such that sites have started to offer tickets to the park up to 8 times more expensive than the initial prices.

A local resident named Pan, claims to have spent 4.277 yuan (over 610 euros) for two days and three entries, night included, which is not a small sum in China: “I tried for a long time around midnight through the official website and the WeChat account to buy the tickets. Without success, ”he said. “It got easier in the morning. " Disney has two prices: 370 yuan (50,77 euros) for normal days, and 499 yuan (68,50 euros) for peak days: weekends and the two summer months.

Sixth in the series, and third in Asia, Shanghai Disneyland requested an investment of $ 5,5 billion and will be three times the size of the park in Hong Kong. This one will be so huge that it can accommodate up to 100,000 people or, 15 more than in Anaheim. The garden in front of the famous castle, which will not be quite the same as the others, will be 000 hectares. The designers promise to marry the world of Disney and Chinese culture wonderfully. It will include, among other things, new features, such as the world dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean, tons of Star Wars attractions, a rollercoaster inspired by the movie Tron: The Legacy and a special place given to the heroine Mulan. Its success can also be explained by the ticket prices, lower than elsewhere. Provided you buy them on the Official website...



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