Calling our connected generation! Who still thinks of sending postcards at the end of the holidays?

Indeed, fewer and fewer of you are venturing into the purchase of stamps and postcards. Likewise, looking for a yellow La Poste letterbox at the place of vacation is sometimes a constraint for holidaymakers ...

We have the solution! Latecomers who have a thing in their hands will therefore have no more excuses with the new WhatsApp feature that allows you to send postcards anywhere in the world with one click. You will probably tell yourself that some mobile applications already offer this service ... Yes, but via a specialized application.

Assuming that Whatsapp is the favorite chat application of the French, so you save some effort and a few clicks by going directly through the social network. A good initiative to allow the generation of grandparents to benefit from the many messages and photos that you can send on the social network. YES, the less connected generation also has the right to contemplate your best selfies! It is with this in mind that the startup Parlapapi came up with the idea of ​​making them visible to Grandpa and Grandma (and not just…) via the youClap functionality! (CLAP : Clike one Letter A la Poste)

To use the service, all you need to do is have a WhatApp account, send a photo, text and go! The paper version postcard will be sent within 24 hours after recording the message. Protected by a red envelope and correctly franked, it will arrive safely in the hands of your recipients. You can therefore continue to laze quietly by the pool!

New gadget or real trend?

“On the one hand, the use of the postcard has not stopped falling for a century (***) with the advent of telecommunications. On the other hand, sending them with digital tools is not yet fully established, so we will see a rebound effect in the years to come: the takeoff of the postcard is imminent! »Predicts Pierre-Hugues Moreau, the co-founder of youClap!

The future will tell…

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