The famous pet flea brand, Frontline Merial gives every animal lover the chance to do a good deed. For a selfie with your cat or dog, a dose of anti-fleas is offered to an association.

A selfie with her cat for an anti-flea donation

The selfie fashion is still current, Merial in collaboration with the Publicis activ Lyon agency gives to all those who wish it the possibility to act for the good of the animal cause.

To participate, the rules are simple:

1. You take a selfie : The idea is to make a self-portrait of you with your animal, whatever it is. The only photo of your pet is also suitable!

2. You share:  On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, always adding the hashtag # 1dosedamour

3. MERIAL makes a donation : On the basis of 10 donated doses, Merial undertakes to donate a dose of flea control to an animal protection association.

 Merial is fighting for access to veterinary care for all animals. By creating this communication campaign, she really wants to make owners aware of the importance of taking an anti-parasite for our pets.

A selfie for A dose of love!

selfie 2

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