After relifting the Roland-Garros logo in 2008, then signing the design of the site in 2015 (winner of the Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport), the design agency Seenk created the new online ticketing site of Roland-Garros 2016 which opened its doors to the general public on February 17, 2016.

First stake of this overhaul: sell better. Stormed each year when sales opened for licensees and then sales opened for the general public (1), the tournament ticket office was often, in previous editions, a victim of its success.

The influx of visitors from the opening gave rise to peaks in attendance, with all the vagaries of rush phenomena.

Sometimes misunderstood, the queue system and the rapid exhaustion of the most popular places sometimes caused annoyance among fans that could, in the long term, tarnish the quality image of the tournament - hence the importance of better explain the gradual sale of seats and enhance the value of the remaining seats.

Second stake : respond to the wish of the French Tennis Federation to highlight "ancillary" products, such as the possibility of attending the qualifications before the tournament, the Perrier Legends Trophy, the disabled sports tournament, but also All in the Finals.

To meet this double challenge, and streamline the purchasing process, Seenk has completely redesigned the design of the ticketing site along three axes:

  • A completely redesigned user experience to better inform visitors about sales periods and seat availability. The 360 ​​view from the plaza also allows the tennis fan to ensure that no detail of the match is missed.
  • Strengthen the site's identity by adopting the graphic and ergonomic codes of the Roland Garros 2015 site, designed by Seenk.
  • Finally, humanize the ticketing by adopting a friendly and enthusiastic tone.

Something still rare in terms of design and UX, the agency worked in agile mode, supporting developers week after week according to needs and the development of functionalities.

With this work on the online ticketing for Roland-Garros 2016, Seenk demonstrates its expertise in optimizing e-commerce sites and confirms the agency's desire to develop its scope. Usually, agencies, especially design agencies, deliver all the work and then leave their client to fend for the integration on their own.

Here we have advanced the design and integration together with the FFT throughout the project. Beyond design "to look pretty", we are working on ergonomics and user experience. After our work on,,, and while awaiting delivery of the Fransat e-commerce site.

(1) Opening of sales for licensees from March 8 to 20, 2016 then opening of sales for the general public from February 17 for premium offers and March 23 for all types of tickets.

About Seenk

Seenk supports companies and organizations in the development of their activities. Positioning, brand territory, customer or user experience, for 15 years we have been bringing our concepts to life through three inseparable expertise: communication, digital and design.

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