The Seenk agency has just signed the new website for the world number 1 in connectors for chip card and SIM card manufacturers.

The agency, which was already behind the creation of the brand name, logo, graphic charter and visual identity of Linxens four years ago, welcomes this new contract. and the trust placed by the world leader in the sector. Present in Europe and well established in South-East Asia where its products are manufactured, Linxens stands out for the quality of its products and its capacity for innovation and investment in R&D. Linxens macbook mockup

Designed entirely in "responsive design" (*), the new showcase site for the brand is intended for potential B to B customers of Linxens - manufacturers of credit cards, chip cards, SIM cards, etc. Linxens is also one of the pioneers of led-lighting technology.

For the overhaul of the Linxens website, the Seenk agency had to meet several challenges, related both to the positioning of the brand and to the eminently technical dimension of its products:

  • Highlight the international dimension of Linxens while ensuring daily use by its users.
  • Highlight the quality of Linxens products but also enhance the expertise and their technical quality to give B to B customers and prospects of the brand the desire to work with the brand in the future.
  • Highlight Linxens' leadership position while remaining sober.
  • Adapt to Linxens communication codes and operating practices.
  • Communicate the brand's CSR commitment.

If the logo remains unchanged, Seenk has rethought the positioning of the brand, modifying the old baseline to become “Connecting you to success”. As Antoine Queinnec, digital project manager at Seenk, explains: “Our knowledge of the brand and the relationship of trust with Linxens were real assets in the design of the new site developed in agile mode. This collaboration demonstrates the agency's ability to retain its customers. Working for a world number one of Linxens' stature is extremely flattering and rewarding for the agency, which is very focused on digital, which is thus reaffirming its skills in terms of websites ”.

Linxens mobile mockupLaunched for the time being only in English version, the website will soon be available also in French and Chinese.

(*) Responsive design or webdesign refers to a way of designing a website so that its content automatically adapts to the screen resolution of the terminal that is used to view it (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.)

About Linxens

Linxens is the pioneer and world leader in the manufacture of flexible bass circuits for data or power transmission. Linxens is one of the world's largest suppliers of Flexible Etched Circuits (FECs) for smart card applications and a benchmark supplier of dedicated products for Consumer and Industrial applications. To date, Linxens has delivered nearly 40 billion flexible bass circuits. Linxens has established true leadership in the smart card industry and its circuits are used by billions of people every day. Linxens counts the world's largest smart card manufacturers, module assemblers and chip manufacturers among its customers.

 About Seenk

Seenk supports companies and organizations in the development of their activities. Positioning, brand territory, customer or user experience, for 15 years we have been bringing our concepts to life through three inseparable expertise: communication, digital and design.

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