Nutella offers itself a communication campaign where the pot is the main medium. 14 jars in limited editions, featuring favorite messages from Nutella fans on the label.


Nutella customizes its jars with "Say it with nutella"

Since coca-cola has been a hit with its “Share a coca-cola” campaign, the trend has been to personalize labels. And Nutella is not leaving its share. Brands so well known that not writing their names or logos on the label no longer scares them! The trend today is to personalize products, in a very social world where brands expect Internet users to pose in front of their products and share the pictures on social networks. The goal is sumple: we buy more necessarily the products for its content but indeed for its "stylish" container! Well-crafted marketing strategists.
On the brand's Facebook page, examples of personalized labels are posted: “stylish”, “bravo”, “canon”, etc. Internet users who were invited to like their favorites, decided which jars would be on the market among the 14 selected… The typography does not change, only the word Nutella is transforming… This limited edition is distributed in more than 2 points of sale. And for the more creative, go to : the application allows you to create the label of your choice and send it to one of your relatives or print it directly.

To relay this giant communication campaign, a TV spot is soon planned ... to be continued ...


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