Confinement promotes a sedentary lifestyle and obesity ... But more and more people want to take up sport to breathe and feel better.

Sport represents a major marker of society that could become a public health and education issue for the physical and mental benefits it provides.

Start 2 Run is a digital application created by Energy Lab in 2013 that motivates runners to surpass themselves to achieve their goals.

“We have found that since the confinement in March 2020 each individual has a tendency to do more sport. In fact, last year twice as many training sessions (2 million activities) were recorded in the Start 2 Run application compared to an average year over the past 6 years. There are more and more walkers, novice runners. " Paul Van Den Bosch, founder of the Energy Lab group and of the START 2 RUN running app

To mark the occasion, singer and dancer Loic Nottet joined the Start 2 RUN team in 2020 and became an ambassador and digital coach. The goal? Put your notoriety to profit from a sports application by promoting the hygiene of life and general well-being.



Today, the application has more than 500 active users and the Start 000 RUN team does not intend to stop there! She claims loud and clear the benefits of sport on a daily basis to change mentalities.

This innovation is in tune with the times since our connected society will be able to run with its smartphone and benefit from digital individual training with a coach. Even though we know that more than 54% of runners already use a smartphone while running, 46% still need to be convinced… Because yes, following your progress also means developing faster and achieving real goals. And since health and sport go hand in hand, the app is also programmed to offer advice on sleep and healthy eating.

As a final clap, know that running also makes it possible to be more resistant to viral infections such as COVID-19 for example… Sportsman yes and better protected! Of course with the app it's even better.

No more excuses! We put on our sneakers, we take our phone and we are Start 2 RUN ...

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