Royal salute was born in the year of the coronation of Elizabeth II. Official whiskey of the British court, this 21 year old whiskey from the house Chivas owes its name to the shots fired in honor of the Queen of England. To stay modern despite its 62 years of existence, this royal emblem has entrusted to BETC Design the rejuvenation of its image, to be part of a “modern luxury” positioning.

Royal Salute: the official British court whiskey revisited!


Symbols of the English monarchy, the graphic codes that decorated the bottle have been revisited, more iconic. The cannons, from which a plume of smoke escapes, thus draw an elegant coat of arms framing a majestic lion overlooking the royal crown. Strong signs engraved on the porcelain colored in sapphire blue, emerald green or ruby ​​red, in a nod to the crown jewels. Slender and more masculine, the bottle is topped with a gold stopper engraved like a goldsmith's work, topped by a stamping similar to a royal medal, which reinforces the nobility of the bottle. Attention to detail reinforced by a guilloche pattern that adorns the box and that can be found in the ornamentation of the ring and on the back of the label, whose pink gold and white gold shades give the brand a premium character.

This new decanter, synonymous with excellence, reflects the values ​​of power and grace of this exceptional whiskey.

As Christophe Pradère points out: “ Our ambition was to modernize the brand, its bottle and its label, giving the feeling that nothing of the history and visual heritage of Royal Salute had been lost or even disguised. A mission that is both strategic and creative which allows us to deepen our expertise in the reorganization and reinvention of major historic or heritage brands ”.


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