PS5 sony VS microsoft

This is the confrontation that gamers expect at the end of 2020. On the one hand, Microsoft and its XBOX series X whose characteristics were presented at the Game Awards 2019. On the other, Sony and its PlayStation 5 unveiled on June 11. Both consoles must be marketed during the year-end period. The question is then simple: which one will you order at Christmas?

User experience: the key to a good marketing strategy?

For several years, the presentation techniques of new consoles have been well established. During the ceremonies that punctuate the year of the video game sector, companies gradually unveil the name, technology or even the design of their console. This distillation of information makes it possible to create the event every time while maintaining the interest of the public.

However, brands are innovating to reach more and more demanding fans. And what interests them mainly is the gameplay: fluidity, intuitiveness, etc.

Sony understood this well. Thus, on June 11, the company multiplies the gameplay demonstrations for future PS5 games. Something Microsoft doesn't do at all. Indeed, for the XBOX series X, only the trailers of the games are revealed. However, despite their qualities, players know that the graphics and handling shown in them will not match those of the game.

Having an idea of ​​the gameplay allows consumers to have a real user experience before purchasing. Insofar as these two consoles should be around 500 €, offering a complete description of the product seems necessary.

The PS5 Digital Edition: towards a world of services

Sony is also creating a surprise by announcing two editions for the PS5. A classic edition with a Blu-ray player and the Digital Edition without a player. This only works with downloaded games.

In doing so, Sony is part of a logical evolution. Indeed, in the same way that people no longer buy DVDs but have a Netflix account, tomorrow's gamers will take out a subscription for a video game platform and will no longer buy Blu-rays. Trade is moving towards a world of services where consumers prefer to have access rather than own.

Bet on the future of video game consumption, futuristic design: the PS5 reflects an image of modernity and innovation. What is found in the slogan of the campaign "PS5: The future of video games". A marketing positioning that could well harm its competitor.

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