On the occasion of the release of his film Lego: The Great Adventure, in theaters in France on February 19, the Danish brand of small bricks is organizing a joint venture with the giant Google Chrome.

The association of two universes

The Google Group is known for its constant technological innovations, the most recent being Google Glass. Today, its Google Chrome subsidiary offers brand new features thanks to the LEGO group.

Internet users will therefore be able to build works of art, grotesque buildings, futuristic houses, in the place of their choice… A complete and infinite set of accessories, functions and colors will be available thanks to LEGOs. But to stay "connected" it is also possible to find the constructions of other members thanks to a system of classification by categories or geographical zones.

Made using WebGL 3D graphics technology, the experience is fun and very realistic. The endless possibilities of architectures and challenges to overcome make it a well thought out product. The concept was imagined by an Australian team from Google Chrome in 2012 and relaunched today to promote the LEGO film.

Today Build with Chrome gathers a large number of users. To start your construction, you just need to have Google Chrome as your browser and a Google + account by going to the following site.

This corresponds to the definition of a joint venture: profits for both groups.

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