Prince de Lu joins forces with Playmobil and offers itself a new image with a communication campaign carried out by the global communication agency Ogilvy.

Innovative and interactive games


Prince de LU and the Playmobil brand unite their universe to offer an innovative and interactive communication campaign illustrating the brand's new strategy around "children's imagination, an essential asset for growing up" in order to liven up the year 2016. For the occasion, a dedicated website is made available to all lovers of Playmobil toys or Prince de LU cakes. The game offered by these two big brands is reserved for over 16s. The agency Ogilvy staged the new duo (LU and the playmobil) to be found from the May 9th on TV screens.

The big contest requires a certain creativity that those who do not eat Prince for afternoon tea do not have. It consists of illustrating the meeting between the two giants of the playgrounds through photography. They will have to be published on social networks between April and October 2016. The authors of the most original photos will have the chance to be offered a Playmobil box. Three participants will also gain their total weight in Prince cakes and Playmobil… Hopefully a cute baby!

To complete this great game competition orchestrated by two major brands well known to children, the brand offers itself a major marketing campaign called "the hunt for crowns" until end of September at the store. This hunt consists of collecting crowns (10 more precisely) printed on the new Prince packages, collecting them and sending them to the contest address. A gift will then be sent to the participants of this crown hunt. In addition, 100 gold tickets will be hidden in Prince's packages from the start of the school year to win a weekend of adventures for 100 children aged 6 to 12 and their companions.

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