To fight breast cancer, a Californian teenager named John Cardinal initiated a crowdsourcing operation without Coca-Cola's prior approval. Indeed, last October 06, John Cardinal created a real buzz on Facebook.

More than two million people have voted: the bottle of Coca-Cola will be… pink!

Operation "Pink My Cola" is a contest on the Coca-Cola fan page which consists of imagining the brand's future bottle in pink. At the initiative of this operation, a post left by the young John Cardinal of which here is the translation “Coca-Cola, I have a proposal for you. You have 9 million fans. If I manage to get 2 million “likes” on this post, you will have to market pink cans. And you will have to donate 30% of your profits to breast cancer research. Come on people… Like !!! ”

The concept is simple. It is a question of imagining and marketing a bottle of pink Coca-Cola and then donating 30% of the profits to research against breast cancer if the threshold of two million "likes" is reached. This publication then crossed the two million mark in less than ten days, making it the most “liked” post in the world and in the history of Facebook!

In order to support John Cardinal, the CREADS agency launched an “unofficial” competition to market the pink bottles. Specialist in participatory contests, the agency invites fans to imagine and create their pink bottle on the website

If the famous soda brand reacts and gives its agreement to market the bottle, it will be the very first co-created packaging.


UPDATE 02/11/12Coca-Cola finally responded in the negative on his blog, indicating that she was already heavily involved in two of the largest organizations fighting breast cancer. Powerade and Sprite Zero support, a movement created by the American Cancer Society (1 dollar paid for each “like” on the Facebook page), while Fuze, with its specific packaging, supports the Susan foundation G. Komen for the Cure.

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