The measures taken in favor of the environment are more than requested at the moment. Mostly, brands seek to offer new alternatives to reduce their ecological footprint and preserve the environment. We have seen during these different phases of confinement that responsible methods and the promotion of national brands can constitute a strong point in maintaining the economy of a country by responding to a specific demand.

The company Uniqua in Limoges offers customizable, ecological, repairable sneakers made in France using materials such as cotton, sheep's wool, wood fiber, corn fiber or even 100% natural latex… Thanks to its warehouse located in Limoges, the brand highlights its clothing workshops by offering customers to participate to get their unique and personalized pair of shoes, this manufacturing step will be invoiced in addition to the price of the pair of shoes. From the simple color to the zebra pattern, it's up to you to create your pair of Uniqua sneakers!

Uniqua also offers you a recycling system for your used jeans to make your trendy sneakers by promoting an environmentally friendly system. The message is clear: "Let's stop wasting" and avoid over-consuming to give a second life to clothes that we no longer put on, the brand will only manufacture to order. In this creation process, you will be able to select the color of your jeans in order to visualize your pair of sneakers, some parts of the shoe will be only made of jeans to take advantage of the know-how and the image of the brand. For the other parts of the shoe, the choice is yours!

Digital is also entirely part of the adventure since it is also possible to order your pair of shoes online using an application allowing you to view your creation in real time. Thus, you will be able to make your choices and modifications online while promoting ecology and made in Limoges.

Ecology takes a new take off with Uniqua which bases its thinking around the environment and not the commercial hook. Now it's your turn to choose from!

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