Roland Garros, Football World Cup, Wimbledon, Tour de France ... The sports agenda is particularly busy in the coming weeks and would tend to divide society into two categories: that of the amateurs (see enthusiasts) and that of the well-to-do . In this new multiformat and press poster campaign imagined in collaboration with DDB Paris, L'Équipe is positioning itself and getting everyone to agree by showing us that sushi from last week to the first day of the sales, every daily situation has a close connection to sport ...

A new signature

From a print newspaper to a global media brand, L'Équipe is today a leading brand in the advertising industry. Since 2003, the newspaper has been reinventing itself with the DDB Paris agency to strengthen ties with its readers. While the French are preparing for the sporting events of the summer, the brand takes the opportunity to unveil its new signature " All united by sport ". And it is with a large-scale poster and press campaign (subways, 4 × 3, large rear buses, stations, bus shelters, street furniture, major national newspapers) that the Team intends to consolidate its message while playing the card originality.

Mind-Mapping in reverse

Based on the association of ideas, the newspaper and DDB Paris have imagined a creative concept that can be used in an unlimited way. If the mother poster of the campaign may seem a bit messy, that's precisely the idea! Indeed, it is a question of showing that all the situations of the life, even the most crazy or unexpected, are likely to lead to the same point: sport, and therefore the Team. (Or the reverse, but suddenly, it's the same thing!). Thus, we discover with happiness that the boy bands of the 90s lead us to male hair removal, and therefore to cycling. In the same way, karaoke evenings make us think of people who sing out of tune, just like football supporters… etc… The goal? Gather and create links by daring to humor, the keystone of the newspaper's campaigns for several years. Declined around a main poster representing a mind map upside down (normally, we start from a central concept that we develop and not the reverse), the poster is then available on each support by isolating a few associations of ideas. This is both logical from a visibility point of view. But this is also where the shoe pinches.

Too subtle a campaign?

Visually, the concept is quite interesting since it allows a graphic design that is both clean and human, as evidenced by the small arrows drawn in a written font style. From a conceptual point of view also, one can only appreciate the shaping of a strong message in a playful way. So why, despite a well-thought-out campaign and intelligently carried values, does L'Equipe not quite manage to convince us? Perhaps for lack of immediate readability. Indeed, it is unfortunately only considered as a whole that the message is understandable. If the reflection around the variation is as necessary as it is interesting, it nevertheless spoils the force of the message. In fact, if we consider the variations of the mind-map in isolation, without knowing the main poster, we do not immediately understand where the brand is coming from. However, if we consider that the attention paid to advertising in the press and in the street is between 1 and 3 seconds, there is little chance for the campaign to effectively communicate its values ​​to its target audience. . Too bad. The idea that all roads lead to sport, and therefore to L'Équipe, was appealing to say the least.… But we must not get lost along the way!

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