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The heatwave is approaching, so now is the time for refreshing drinks to kick off their summer campaigns. At Orangina's, they shook their bottles until the letters mingled. Orangina thus becomes “Onagrina and its plupe” for the summer.

The strength of a well-known slogan? To be able to divert it!

It was in 2015 that Orangina launched its communication campaign for the first time " Shake The World "(Shake the world). A well-found slogan since it is the only refreshing drink containing pulp and therefore needing to be shaken.

Once this slogan is installed in the collective imagination, Orangina can easily manipulate it according to its desires. So in 2017 he threw the can upside down to “shake up the drinks market”.

Since then, especially with the advent of social networks, diversions have continued to flourish. The brand calls on “creatively shaken” people for a design competition and dedicates its drink to “shaken from the jar” in a audiovisual media humorous. Orangina has made shifting its hallmark.

In this way, the upheaval of the letters, both on the bottles and on their completely redesigned Facebook page, does not shock anyone.

Influencers: the end of Fanta's monopoly

The most connected brand of soda in recent years is arguably Fanta. Between its partnerships with famous youtubers, such as Norman or Amixem, its FANTAxYOU program offering young designers a chance to make themselves known and its events animated by popular singers like Gims, the company has firmly established itself with the youngest.

Orangina, with this new campaign, tries to compete with Fanta on its ground. Thus, the brand offers a classic campaign with a film shown on television and posters in the big cities of France, all with the help of the BETC agency. But she is also joining forces with the Marcel agency, which is preparing a TikTok campaign and an Instagram filter, giving it visibility on the two social networks most used by teenagers. Likewise, the Trends Paris agency will activate more than 150 influencers on Instagram around the theme of the campaign. Finally, with the help of KR Wavemaker, Orangina is planning digital media content.

The soda brand has therefore assembled a veritable army to storm the web. Will summer 2020 become the summer of a young and digital Orangina?


  1. Fanta may no longer have the “monopoly” on influencers but I was nevertheless surprised to see the copy (plagiarism?) Of the ONAGRINA digital ad on Fanta with its In The Name of Play campaign launched last February in Europe !

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