While 80% of companies consider that the economic recovery will go through an acceleration of the digitization of their companies, only 1 in 3 French VSE-SMEs went digital in 2020. Indeed, for the pros, the switch to digital may seem like complicated and / or expensive, requiring skills they do not have. Creation and optimization of websites, remote work support tools, cybersecurity and 24/7 support, for many years now, Orange has been helping freelancers and very small businesses to digitize their activities.

Orange is launching, with its agencies Marcel and Publicis Conseil, a new campaign paying tribute to the vital force that the independents are.

A convenience store and his apprentice, a young couple undergoing professional retraining who are launching their farm, an architect dad who has to juggle videoconferencing and childcare or even a shopkeeper always ready to help her late clients, professionals who do not count their time. hours, of which the daily is very busy and for which professional life and private life are one.

A global device including a TV film signed by Simon Cahn (Division) 4 digital films, a radio campaign and a press campaign.



What inspires you about this project?

“Orange is a great brand, we can even talk about love Brand. Above all, she has always placed the emphasis on people in her campaigns. For a director it's a great starting point. It is the guarantee of being able to express the acting of the actors and to make sincere films beyond the prestige of the brand.

My main motivation was to speak with sincerity and a touch of humor about the pros, the independents, the entrepreneurs, these people who never stop and whose economic balance is weakened at the moment. My approach was meant to be simple, without any styling effect in the camera or color grading, but with rhythm. A realism without pathos and very readable, very timely.

I believe that with the creatives and the client we were totally on the same wavelength as to this spirit and I thank them for their confidence, the exchanges throughout the preparation and the shooting were smart and very fluid. "

Simon Cahn, director


How would you define this new solidarity campaign in a few words?

“In this campaign, we pay tribute to the self-employed and small bosses. It is all the energy and dedication they show on a daily basis that we come to script.

With everything they already have to do, the least we can do for them is to offer them simple and effective solutions to help them go digital. "

Xavier Leboullenger, Creative Director Marcel


Does this campaign represent a new theme for you?

“Not really insofar as since the start of the health crisis, particular attention from society in general and brands in particular has focused on this category of workers, who are still engaged and not necessarily spared by this complicated context. On the other hand, it is a new tone, more direct and always optimistic, that Orange uses to talk to them. "

Xavier Leboullenger, Creative Director Marcel


We congratulate Orange, Marcel, Publicis Conseil and the division for this authentic campaign which puts people at the forefront of the stage.


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