Sometimes all it takes is one action to make a difference. What if smiling is a factor in selling? And even to live better? The smile is contagious, it allows people to feel good, to convey a positive message, and to share good humor.

Operation Sourire, powered by Edso et Qualisens allows a Smile index to be established, based on 3 factors: Visit Smile, Appel Sourire, Web consumer audit and according to 10 related themes. The objective of this project is to remind companies that a smile sells!

You should know that 67% of the basket increases thanks to the smile of your salespeople, because empathy, kindness and good humor are highly sought after by customers. Customers are very demanding about the behavior of in-store salespeople, especially since the arrival of the Internet, which allows them to buy their products directly from home.

So we go to the store to find something that we can't find on the web: pleasant customer service.

Thanks to this operation, Edso et Qualisens, wish to develop customer service for companies and offer new challenges every week on a case-by-case basis:

Learning, engagement, quizz, challenges, sharing, investigation, evaluation ...

The program is therefore divided into three stages:

  • Lassessment of the Sourire index
  • Specific coaching
  • Obtaining the label and recommendations


Companies can thus compete for obtaining the Smile label by justifying the best result or the best progress, a rewarding reward for recommendations. customers in the top ! Because in the end, working on the smile of your salespeople also means making your customers smile.

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