On the occasion of the release of the new series Netflix, made in France, called Lupine in the shadow of Arsene, The main actor Omar Sy goes incognito in the Parisian metro. With his usual good nature, he really '' sticks '' to the task by fixing his own poster, bearing the effigy of the series. Online since January 8, 2021, the series is already a worldwide hit. It has also risen to number one in the United States. This is a first for a French series. This dazzling success also made it appear in the top 10 of Netflix series.


A publicity stunt that scotches us!

To take the initial DNA of the series, Omar Sy takes the features of his hero and his qualities in terms of camouflage, to achieve a publicity stunt! The second favorite personality of the French carries out his mission, as best he can, sometimes with humor and clumsiness, calling out to passers-by. The latter, sometimes curious, react to the image of Parisians in transport: in a hurry and indifferent. This is also what the operation reveals with the end sentence of Omar: "You saw me, but you did not look at me". Indeed, often absorbed by the thread of their day, users see without really seeing. They no longer take the time to stop for a moment and observe things. Whose fault is it ?

Arsène Lupine, success every time!

Originally, Arsène Lupin is a French novel by Maurice Leblanc written in 1905. Two years later, the book is a success that surprises even its own author. At the time, we were already attached to the enigmatic and anti-conformist personality of the character who is the master of disguise. The author has fun playing and camouflaging his hero in several of his novels. The reader does not discover until after the deception, that it was ultimately the person of Arsène Lupine. This one is always one step ahead and still had us well!

The author therefore promoted the success of his character by making him leave his own novel, he made it full. It is no longer just the author who creates, it is the character himself who is embodied through time and formats.

In 2004, a film was directed by Jean-Paul Salomé with Romain Duris in the lead role. The film had thus revived, in the memories, one of the cleverest characters of his generation.

In the years which followed, many world works (books, comics, manga, films…) appropriated the character to include it in their works. Thus, our hero has committed the heist of the century, by remaining always present but obviously well hidden!

Yesterday, Wednesday January 13, 2021, a reissue of the original book by Maurice Leblanc was released in bookstores at Hachettes editions. A French robbery guaranteeing, for sure, a bestseller. This one will be perfectly carried by the Netflix series and its modern day rereading.

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