After smart TVs, digital cameras and of course, furniture, here's a new IKEA product that has just emerged.

Indeed, the Dutch giant has established itself as the number 1 international reference in furniture. He is now embarking on the beer marketing!

Öl Mörk Lager -beer made in Ikea!

Ikea beer comes in two versions: " Öl Mörk Lager", A light dark beer, and" Öl Ljus Lager“, A blond beer.

For the moment, only the British have the privilege of tasting it because the product is exclusively marketed in UK. The price is very affordable: £ 1.75, or around € 2,24.

According to various sources, IKEA's Öl Mörk Lager is very sweet and has a good taste: to be tested! We remind you that alcohol should be consumed in moderation.


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