Since the start of the pandemic period, consumers have become accustomed to consuming through digital tools and services. Nuance, a technology pioneer and market leader in conversational AI, has sought to understand whether the rise of remote services has changed the way consumers prefer to interact with brands.

Through a study intended to survey 10000 people in 11 different countries (including 1000 French respondents), Nuance wished to analyze the preferences and habits of consumers in terms of digital channels and access to online services. The results were final!

Consumers have more and more confidence in technology and are rather very satisfied with the quality of online services which they qualify as "excellent". We are therefore seeing a very rapid progression in digital technology, which continues to evolve while taking into account the needs of consumers. The adoption of digital technologies and channels has become common since they are used by the majority of brands / services to offer a complete service to customers. Today, even after the easing of health restrictions, the study shows that digital technology is mostly more appreciated than physical exchanges.

Why do consumers overwhelmingly prefer online services to in-store interactions?

Consumers want to communicate easily, quickly and efficiently with the brands they choose, but also want a personalization of the experience. It is even here that we can make the great advances in digital technology, which today offers personalized and efficient service in an automated manner.

Companies are therefore all in competition in the face of this growing development and therefore rely on the secure approach to the market which could be a strong point and differentiate one brand from another. Their common goal? Retain customers by offering services that meet their expectations, and necessarily taking into account the rise of digital.

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