Nokia et Windows 8, want to (re) conquer the number 1 position in the mobile telephony and operating systems market.

Your whole world, from the home screen

The operating system of Windows 8 has captured the hearts of aficionados of new digital media, from tablets to smartphones, including notebooks.

Eight months after its launch, the brand has exceeded the symbolic threshold of 100 applications on its marketplace. A faster rise than its competitors, the Apple store and Google Play, which needed 000 and 14 months respectively.

"A faster rise than its competitors"

Nokia has therefore chosen to equip its mobiles with Windows 8 technology. The operating system allows you to personalize your home screen as you see fit, according to your interests and preferences.

"No more rows of static icons: the thumbnails come alive as soon as you receive a notification or information".

The qualities of the new Nokia smartphones combined with the Windows 8 interface are attracting more and more people. The last Lumnia 925 is for example endowed with a neat design, and a lightness rarely seen, as well as the best camera on the market.

Nokia therefore has all the cards in hand to once again become the telephone leader we know.

Me, I think that I will take shares in Nokia…




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