Durex launched its first e-commerce platform thanks to the Havas Hordlwide London agency and makes it known by broadcasting a spot that is both explicit and implicit!

Durex invites you to discover what is hidden behind the curtains

A delivery man crosses town and holds a package. The city is almost deserted and the passers-by all seem very busy. Curtains drawn, stolen kisses, mist on a window, the spot lets the spectator guess but the latter sees nothing.

Durex invites you to download its mobile application "Durex Explore«  to see behind the scenes… Activated during viewing, the application detects the video using the microphone and offers you a second synchronized version of the spot. You then go behind the curtain, you watch the rest of the kiss, you discover who is hiding behind this fogged window and especially what is contained in the famous box delivered.

On your shelves!


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