Grosbill the French online sales company for consumer electronics and computer equipment is taking a turn in its strategy with a clever partnership with Webedia.

Become a leader in "hardware"


Based on the observation that the vast majority of users of Grosbill were all the same informed consumers and generally more or less passionate about computers. Webedia has therefore put in place a strategic action plan revolving around several points.

The realization of the target being made Webedia brand solution has decided to focus on it. The following strategy stems from this, which aims to reach out to the target on sites specializing in computers and video games, the most influential being none other than, or even Big potential in sight therefore when we know that Jeuxvideo and Millenium have together more than 6 million unique monthly visitors. Grosbill therefore intends to establish its position as an expert in “hardware” by offering advice on the use of electronic products as well as good deals on targeted products that could be suitable for consumers. In addition, Grosbill also becomes the partner of the program "Le Journal du hardware"; a webcast on; and highlighted in the editorial content of the “hardware” type. He intends in this way to be strongly present in the skin of the site. Grosbill also intends to repeat this experience with the Millenium site. A blow with great fanfare for the French company which aspires to greater notoriety.

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