A new Greenpeace action, which attacks the partnership between Lego and Shell has been launched. The collective criticizes Shell for using the toy manufacturer to appropriate its magical universe and thus promote its image.

A triangular for the Arctic

What Greenpeace mainly criticizes Shell is for wanting to drill the Arctic, which would have disastrous consequences both for the local fauna (polar bears, seals, etc.) and for the global climate. Indeed, the article ice would limit the penetration of UV in the water.


In study by Greenpeace, we can see the stakes of the trade agreements between Shell and Lego. These began in 1999 when the Shell group affixed its logo to certain game boxes in order to "take advantage of Lego's strong family values". An estimated advertising gain of 116 million dollars, over 2012 - 2013.

At the same time, Lego could have sold 16 million boxes in Shell gas stations over the same period. A cobranding that Greenpeace denounces by calling on the Lego group to cease all agreements with Shell.

Anne Vallette, Greenpeace campaigner in France, declares that "Lego has confirmed to us that co-promotion operations with the oil company will continue in certain markets".

To mobilize the collective launched a site for a petition online.

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