The first “made in France” series from the American VOD giant Netflix was already eagerly awaited. The “Marseille” series will be broadcast on Netflix from May 5 and on TF1, with the first two episodes, on May 12.

Netflix and TF1: an unprecedented partnership


Netflix et TF1 recently announced their unique partnership: the first two episodes of the series will air on May 12 on the unencrypted channel in prime time, at 20:55 p.m. “Marseille” is an event-series produced in France and directed by an ambitious production and cast bringing together actors loved by the French. For TF1, "It was important to have a partnership with Netflix on this broadcast", according to Fabrice Bailly, director of programs at TF1. The French group has purchased the entire series but the schedule for its broadcast is not yet known to the general public.

On the Netflix side, we consider that "This partnership with TF1 will allow the series to reach a wider audience". "TF1 is present in all the salons of France while Netflix is ​​not there yet", explains Joris Evers, director of communications for Netflix in Europe. If the American giant allows tf1 to broadcast its first French series, it is because there are also counterparts. Netflix offers itself, through this partnership, a two-hour advertisement on a large national channel in the clear. A real publicity stunt for Netflix which is trying to attract more and more the French public.

Rumors that the rest of the series' episodes would only be available on Netflix have flooded social media. However, the VOD giant has stated that the episodes will be broadcast on TF1 and not exclusive to subscribers but that the date of these releases was not known.

Shot at the end of summer 2015 with a particularly large budget, the eight episodes of Netflix's first “Made in France” series, “Marseille”, were directed by Florent Emilio-Siri and Thomas Gilou. If it arrives on TF1 in mid May, the series will still be offered in preview to Netflix subscribers who will have the opportunity and the chance to discover the entire series on May 5 prochain.

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