Edokia Academy, French publisher of edutainment applications for 3 to 10 year olds, announces that its La Maternelle Montessori application has just passed the milestone of one million downloads worldwide.

This success reflects the rapid growth of La Maternelle Montessori, and the strong enthusiasm it arouses among parents wishing to offer intelligent, informative and constructive screen time to their children.

Putting screens at the service of children's learning

On the one hand, smartphones and tablets are part of children's daily lives today and have demonstrated their usefulness during the pandemic, even though there is very little qualitative content on the market intended for them. On the other hand, the Montessori approach is an educational method which, if it is internationally recognized, is only provided by 20 schools around the world, and therefore remains inaccessible to the greatest number.


It is in the face of this double observation that in 2016, Valérie Touze, Sylvain Lumbroso and Emmanuel Guyot created Edoki Academy, an application development studio dedicated to children from 3 to 10 years old. The young start-up then has a clear objective and ambition: to become a French champion in the sector, able to stand up to American leaders, and to provide all parents with applications with strong educational content, directly inspired by the Montessori method. , to promote the awakening, curiosity and learning of children.


30 apps downloaded by over 20 million people

Between 2010 and 2017, Edoki Academy developed

a catalog of 30 educational applications, available in 8 languages ​​and covering all the basic concepts for the child. From reading and writing to mathematics, through science or geography, all the essential learning of the elementary cycle is covered.

Faced with the success of these applications, which have generated more than 18 million cumulative downloads, Edoki Academy brings them together in 2017 in a super-app called "La Maternelle Montessori".


La Maternelle Montessori, a scalable and interactive “super-app”

Aimed at children aged 3 to 10, La Maternelle Montessori is available in 8 languages ​​and includes more than 300 educational activities facilitating the acquisition of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, logic, and even the first elements. code ...


Without any pretension to replace a Montessori school, Edoki Academy relies on this pedagogy to create fun and educational content that places the child at the center of learning. Concretely, the child walks in the app as he would in a school, going from classrooms to the canteen, to the garden, or to the library. Everything is interactive: the vegetables grow in the vegetable garden, the cook prepares dishes with the ingredients that are handed to her, we feed the fish or the hamster… The child can also spend time in the “creativity workshops”, where for example, he learns to design his first algorithms. Each month, new activities are added to the app.


The Montessori Kindergarten also includes a platform dedicated to parents and teachers to allow monitoring of exercises and progress made by the child.


An application acclaimed by parents which is experiencing strong growth

Taking advantage of its unique positioning, La Maternelle Montessori is enjoying growing success and has now passed the milestone of one million downloads worldwide. A real tour de force for an educational application! Present in more than 39 countries, it is used each month by more than 1 million users, and currently has nearly 100 paying subscribers, against 000 last year, an increase of 50%.


This dazzling success, the application also owes to its ability to convince internationally. While 33% of Edoki Academy's activity is located in Europe, nearly 40% is carried out in North America, and nearly 13% in China. For 4 years, Maternelle Montessori has also systematically climbed into the top 3 of the most profitable educational applications around the world.


“To record such growth is a source of great pride for our entire team. The demand for educational content is very strong, but there is still little content offering all the essential learning. It was therefore important to offer educational games adapted to the learning pace of each child, contributing to their instruction, their development, as well as their development. Today, La Maternelle Montessori is one of the most used Montessori applications in the world. This proves that it meets a real need of parents, who are more and more numerous to turn to open learning methods such as Montessori ”, concludes Valérie Touze..



For more information, you can now visit lEdokia Academy website. And long live education and digital!


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