In 1996, we discovered Jaune and Rouge, the two emblematic characters of M & M's in a spot that threw Santa Claus backwards…. 21 years later, the CLM BBDO agency gives us the rest of the story in a magical spot.

Young or old, this ad has left a mark on us all! The spot "Faint" (transl .: lose consciousness) tells how Yellow and Red came face to face with Santa Claus. A meeting which caused the simultaneous fainting of the 2 red characters!

© M & M's "Faint" 1996

Even though the ad has been running every year for 20 years in the United States, M & Ms decided to make a sequel to this spot which was just waiting to be extended.

Sign CLM BBDO, " Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel "(transl: "The real yellow suite") highlights Jaune, the clumsy and naive character of the pair. The story begins where the 1996 spot left off. Seeing "Santa" unable to carry out the Christmas mission, Jaune takes the reins and decides to go and distribute all the gifts. An episode that will obviously not go as planned but like any good Christmas story, it will end with a nice happy ending.

© M & M's "Faint 2" 2017

 Originally, there was nothing in the client brief that could put us on the path to a sequel. When we noticed the 1996 movie ended on a cliffhanger, and we were right to wonder what the hell was going on after Santa and Rouge passed out, we started to imagine storylines. Very quickly the idea that Jaune would take matters in hand and decide to ensure the delivery of the gifts was imposed " , Explain Matthew Elkaim, Creative Director of BBDO Paris.

M & M's is once again part of the magic of Christmas

Intended to be broadcast in 15 countries around the world, this new spot is a real event for the brand, which even scheduled the broadcast of the first spot on the same day of illumination of the Rockefeller tree in the United States!

With a first 15-second episode, the 2017 spot was inspired by the Christmas period to change its format: “We were heading towards a story that needed to take a minimum of time to be told. So we explained to the customer that 15 seconds would not be enough. Finally, we wanted to create the event with a special format for the Christmas holidays. It is difficult to create the event in 15 seconds " , answer Mathieu elkaim

The format is not the only thing to have changed, the message has changed too! “Bring Everyone Together” is a real promise of the brand: to gather around these bags of candy to share. With this positive spot and this emotional message, M & M's once again conquers the hearts of its customers!

In any case, we hope that we will not have to wait 20 more years to stage Yellow and Red in magical spots!




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