It is with a lot of humor that the number 1 brand of surimi lands on your screens.

Crazy commercial for Coraya

At a time when the food industry communicates on product safety, good hygiene practices and other promises of good behavior; Coraya, for her part, takes a 360 ° turn and puts it all for all: making consumers laugh to get their attention!

© Coraya
© Coraya

Until August 3, discover this amazing new advertising spot: A man-siren extolling the merits of surimi Coraya. Lying on his rock, the mermaid man with platinum blond hair introduces tourists passing by, Coraya surimi sticks and his small jar of mayonnaise ...

This coraya advertising is indeed completely burlesque. If some will find it surprising and hilarious, thanks to a second degree humor, others risk seeing it as a badly turned and ridiculous advertisement ... Whatever happens, this spot risks making people talk in the cottages.

"A little moment of freshness, do you like it?" "


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