Make way for emotional travel and well-being at the heart of nature, history and imagination. This is the bias of thea new destination campaign developed by Fontainebleau Tourism, the Pays de Fontainebleau tourist office.



Directed by the Chlorofilm agency, the campaign features two films that showcase the richness and strength of the emotions offered by the Fontainebleau forest both in a search for reconnection with nature and in a rediscovery of the life of sovereigns, attached to this majestic forest. A new portrait film to be released before the summer will reveal how the atmospheres and landscapes of the Pays de Fontainebleau are also a significant source of inspiration and creativity.


This new destination campaign invites visitors to treat themselves to moments from elsewhere to let their emotions speak, even those of childhood, in exceptional places both from the point of view of the richness of the landscapes, the exceptional biodiversity of the forest of Fontainebleau and its banks of the Seine than in the trace left by eight centuries of sovereign presence in Fontainebleau, where François 1st, Henry IV, Napoleon 1st drew from it a force inspired by the places.


The signature of the destination "The Country of Fontainebleau reveals your true nature" is all the more topical in 2021. On the occasion of this campaign, on social networks, Internet users are invited with the #meretrouver to share the emotions that the forest of Fontainebleau, the castle of Fontainebleau, the atmosphere of the imperial city and the bucolic villages of the Pays de Fontainebleau inspire them.


With this campaign, the Pays de Fontainebleau thus demonstrates the richness of a natural and cultural heritage that is unique in Ile-de-France. It wants to anchor the destination to Parisians and Ile-de-France residents who want to favor tourism that respects the environment and its history. As such, Fontainebleau Tourisme is strengthening its offer of forest, nature and heritage discovery activities for the summer of 2021 for all audiences. The same is true for the Château de Fontainebleau with many visits and events offered to celebrate in particular the bicentenary of Napoleon.

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