In collaboration with the BBH London agency, Mentos has imagined an application where we find the emoticons of all our moods!


"Ementicons": Mentos' emoticons

“Ementicons” is the name given to these entirely new kind of emoticons. The creators claim that it is now possible to express yourself “with an emoticon when you can't find a way to express what you are feeling.” The iPhone application integrates perfectly with Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp by simply downloading the app.
And to promote these emoticons, videos have been created especially for the occasion. each emotion is represented by a video in which the characters have their heads transformed into Mentos… a rather offbeat communication operation. Awkward, Cute-Crazed, FOMO, Bad Happy, #winning, Selfie-Obsessed, Stalkie, Geekout, Double-Like, Bromantic… they're all here! All the moods and videos are available on the dedicated site:

An original way to bring Mentos closer to its digital target!

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