Marc Fanelli-Isla today, for Le monde Marketing, talks about his profession that he really made up with the arrival of digital. Our guest is entrepreneur and precursor of social media. He is, moreover, one of the first speakers in schools and universities on the subjects of digital and social networks. He is also a journalist and musician. À Through his expertise coupled with his passion for music, he offers us his perception of digital and its challenges.

A contemporary of the arrival of web 2.0!

Marc evokes the arrival of 2.0 web when he was only coming out of high school. In addition to understanding the world of work, he was able to use these new innovations as levers of activation to open the doors to his future. He thus evokes My Space which was the first social network. Marc was also one of the first to understand the value of sharing his art on a platform like My Space. Marc very quickly perceived the fact that it could be a visibility booster and notoriety. It was the beginnings of personal branding. The social networks that we currently know have also taken up a whole musical language, specific to My space, such as talking about "fans". Passionate and curious, he deciphers social networks like real sheet music.

For Marc, digital reduces distances and makes the planet smaller like a '' small village ''. This echoes the idea of ​​" Global village " developed by Marshall McLuhan on the arrival of media such as television or the internet. Marc also discusses the positive sides of the internet, in particular the possibility of independence that it can offer. He has written and published books about it. For him, the negative aspect is expressed in the fact that social networks have lost their transparent sharing side and their political neutrality. He expresses his wish that we do not enter into a dictatorship of thought. Speaking of the future, he offers us his intuitions concerning humanity where digital will no longer be an option but a reflex that will have to be anchored in education.

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