For its brand new campaign, Meetic had the idea of ​​combining natural emotion by putting singles at the heart of its communication. The brand has indeed chosen to offer us a campaign that is both sincere and moving by inviting 7 of its users to communicate their wishes.

"Closer to the hearts of singles", a 100% natural campaign by Meetic

Entitled "Closer to the hearts of singles", the new Meetic campaign is talking about it and for good reason. The latter has decided to start the new year with a campaign entirely dedicated to its users by highlighting them in a series of authentic portraits.

The objective being of course to present the brand in a more natural, more sincere and above all more “true” aspect wants to show that it is closely interested in trends and the wishes of singles.

Unlike its competitors, Meetic is closest to the hearts of its singles and their daily lives. The brand wanted to prove this proximity through this original campaign for which more than 10 singles applied.

Successful bet for Meetic!

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