Caroline Envain decides to give up everything to take an interest in others and in the real senses of things.

After a few years spent as a buyer in the naval military, Caroline 26 years old, decides to stop everything in order to get back to more fundamental and essential subjects: entrepreneurship, travel and the human being. Caroline knows what, for her, brings hope and vibrations. After a moment of introspection, she decides to combine her aspirations by launching her project of podcast. Objective she had been nourishing for some time. Indeed, Caroline put her time spent to mature and refine her desires for connection by cultivating herself and feeding on any sources of sharing that she could find (conferences, working and exchange group, online formation, reading…).

 "I want to create my first independent project, designed and produced to connect and share with as many people as possible," she said.

And now it's his turn to get started with his podcast project « À meeting eux ", in a spirit always resolutely turned towards the others.

A culture of the other.

The very source of his podcast revolves around the theme of little-known trades or career paths inspirational indeed improbable. Caroline invites us to discover multiple experiences of men and women who have decided to open their own path of life and follow their deep aspirations. What are they in your opinion? Which one are yours ? Passions, dreams, talents, family or historical dedication, self-sufficiency, ecological or even political commitment… Everything exists!

Everything is possible, as man is a varied and unique animal at the same time. You still have to learn to know yourself and know how to listen so as not to get confused in the crowd.

Caroline's guests share in a short format their teachings, their joys but also their doubts as well as their ways of acting and reacting to the events that they activate or receive. This podcast is a great source of inspiration that will echo your deep nature. It can just spark your curiosity but also give you the keys to a strategy that has been adopted by others and can potentially work for you. Whatever your project, each experience has its share of lessons. What is currently great with social networks and other platforms is precisely the fact that you can share your experiences to help each other and save time. This is precisely part of the subject mentioned by Caroline's first interviewee: Alex Vizeo.

Travel influence and personal branding.

Become oneself.

"We don't change the world with our opinions, we change it with our example ..."

Alex Vizeo was the first travel influencer in France where he shared his feelings and his tips through the globe. He first communicated on his blog then his social networks which at the beginning were just simple sharing platforms and not marketing. Over time, networks have evolved and brands have become aware of the interest in reaching out to opinion leaders such as Alex. These as the SNCF ou Air France became interested in his work. This allowed him to live off his passion to become totally independent or currently commonly called “digital nomad.” However, the road has been long but always punctuated by a real quest for meaning.

“The craziest thing for me is to have a job that I dreamed of but that didn't exist 10 years ago. "

Initially, Alex explains that he worked in advertising and that he started at the age of 27, decided to live for himself and no longer for others. He begins his journey by a world tour and begins to produce content (articles, videos, etc.) on these experiences. Very quickly his site win in visibilite and audience. So much so that he won many prizes and contracts that will continue to advance him to become travel blogger fulltime.

“There is no failure until you give up. "

Create everyone's evidence

Today, Alex knows how lucky he is to have been able to realize his deep aspirations in a professional rhythm of life which allows him to live and to go further. He wishes to share his experience to offer the opportunity to people who have a project to promote it. This materializes in his new job as personal branding coach as well as the content creation relevant to create connection opportunities through a positive and engaging community.

"You can be a very good dancer, entrepreneur or a very good potter, but you don't necessarily know how to showcase your talents and let people know it…"

Alex passes on his 10-year expertise as well as his drive to save time and give the right impetus. He wants to share the tools and methods that have worked for him and that have allowed him to have the life he dreamed of. It explains the procedures and recipes for become known but especially know how to sustain your business. Its goal is to ask the right questions to create the evidence of each. He indicates that the most complicated to achieve is to understand oneself, to know how to deconstruct one's actions, to be patient and to manage frustration. Alex is practicing live and will soon be giving methods through a online formation.

Share your experience

Like Alex, other inspiring guests will be listening to Caroline's podcast. If you too want to share your experience or that of a loved one, do not hesitate to contact her directly under one of her episodes by comment or by email:

Check out Caroline and Alex Vizeo's podcast in its entirety just click here.

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