Do you know what a good manager is?

A manager can use different techniques to ensure the cohesion and effectiveness of a group. However, we define a "good manager" has the art of getting his message across correctly and clearly to his employees. In fact, if a message makes sense, it helps reduce misunderstandings and unblock a complex business situation.

"(Re) giving meaning to your management" by Sandrine Zerbib-Lucas is an educational book that guides you in the subtle use of the "unspoken" to free speech and make the exchange constructive. The author asserts that misunderstandings, unnecessary blockages, feelings passed over in silence can be a brake on the success of a company or even the causes of failure. Thanks to concrete examples, she points to the triggers of "collective blindness" to re-establish a healthy climate of trust between the manager and the employees.

If getting full buy-in isn't always easy, this real guide invites managers to take back control of words to quickly bring a project to fruition. Indeed, the book is comparable to a guide which allows managers to strengthen their capacities to decide, to do and above all to convince.

How to “convince” when the “misunderstandings” and the “unspoken” are already installed?

The author insists on the non-irreversibility of the “unspoken” because the affirmation of new measures can be respected if the manager himself has confidence in these new measures. Establishing a clear exchange allows employees to better understand a situation and the manager to better understand his employees. We are talking about “lighting” that would be beneficial to both parties. Who could say no?

However, even if the book provides effective support on the path to success, personal conviction is the key element of change ...

As the author would say: “Here is our contribution, now it's up to you to play“ smart hearts ”!

You can find Sandrine Zerbib-Lucas' book "(Re) giving meaning to his management" in stores or online published by GERESO.

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