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Restaurants have reopened and McDonald's are on a war footing to accommodate everyone. And there are lots of people! We especially remember the lines of impressive cars that accumulated when the Drive reopened. But since the fast food chain does not want to attract only young people, it is now possible to order a Happy Meal to his grandparents, with a rather special gift.

Putting a smile on your face after confinement

This process is tested in Sweden. Children can have a Happy Meal delivered to their grandparents by sliding it a drawing as a surprise. A nice touch and above all a nice publicity stunt!

The elderly consume the least fast food and deliveries. McDonald's therefore kills two birds with one stone by converting them to these two consumption patterns.

In addition, the company is a success thanks to a major source of current marketing: la personalization. Seniors do not receive a generic gift but a drawing which is personally intended for them. After months of distancing, it is inevitably fun.

McDonald's: the king of deconfinement?

If the senior Happy Meal is, for the moment, only available in Sweden, McDonald's has increased the campaigns in all countries. Most of the time accompanied by the Parisian agency DDB.

Thus, in France, the brand has diverted his slogan in "Come back as you are". This campaign, accompanied by a promotional film, also plays on feelings. With the leitmotif “Here soon”, the film prompts us to imagine the good memories linked to the brand that we will be able to build.

After this critical health episode, McDonald's seems to have turned to communication focused on the emotions and the human.

Sweden: the place of experimentation for fast food chains

McDonald's is not the only one to have launched a special campaign in Sweden. Burger King also developed a very original concept.

Indeed, the Swedes can present their passport and have it stamped in order to obtain a free burger from the “burger du monde” range. A way to travel despite the ban! But also to make profitable his passport of little use this year. This offer is also valid five times. It should still be noted that the passport becomes unusable once the Burger King stamp is affixed to it.

This is not the first time that McDonald's has used Sweden as a laboratory, since it is there that the brand launched table reservations but also a range of clothing. Sweden is a complicated market for the two American giants since it has a national fast food chain: Max. Competition is therefore fierce but conducive to innovation.

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