For Valentine's Day 2015, the Mc Donald's fast food chain is offering a new payment method: proof of love.

Mc Donald's offers Americans to pay with love

mc donald

The operation is taking place exclusively in the United States from February 2 to 14.

Mc Donald's has found an original idea to increase the number of visitors to its restaurants and to delight its customers: a display of affection against a Big Mac menu.

As the beneficiaries are chosen at random, this very special payment device will only be available at certain times of the day.

When paying the bill, the seller can offer the customer to pay for his menu only with a hug, a selfie, a high-five, a dance, a phone call to his mother ... and many other brands of affection.

In order to relay the operation and to inform as many people as possible of the new device, Mc Donald's designed an explanatory presentation spot which was broadcast on the occasion of the Super Bowl.

An innovative and original idea that will satisfy the brand and customers!

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