The abandonment of animals is a real scourge every year for associations like the SPA. However, since the health crisis, the number of dropouts has dropped!

According to the manager of the Compiègne refuge, the phenomenon is surely due to the confinements which have allowed many people to walk their dogs for the exceptional reason of going out. Despite the improvement in the figures, the mobilization of the French against animal abandonment is very important as summer approaches and the end of COVID19 health restrictions. MARCH Petcare France X Wipplay therefore decide to organize a photographic competition on the theme of holidays and pets.

Because animals are often seen as a constraint when going on vacation. It's time to say STOP! They too, "They are going with us!" "

“They Leave With Us” is the slogan of Mars Petcare France's new annual awareness campaign. The photographic competition is therefore an innovative way to promote the theme by involving the French.

What are the instructions?

Photographer for a day or always, you will be invited to send your best shots of moments shared with your life companion during your vacation. From May 26 until July 21, 2021, the Mars Petcare team will receive your memories immortalized from the internet page.

The photo itself can be funny, offbeat, spontaneous, joyful, sporty, lively, thoughtful, awkward (…) as long as it celebrates the strong bond between you and your animal. Because a unique moment deserves a unique photo, right?

This summer, we no longer want to hear about the 100 annual drop-outs. What we want are great photos on Mars Petcare France's social networks. Because yes, the most beautiful pictures will be appreciated by a jury of professionals committed to the animal cause.

ALERT, PREVENT, RAISE AWARENESS AND FIGHT through a resolutely positive contest to have a great vacation! It's your turn !

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