Last month, Gabriele Pauli, a German deputy from Bavaria announced her idea: A fixed-term marriage of 7 years, renewable. Indeed, the number of divorces being important as well as the costs, this member of theChristian-Social Union (CSU) did not hesitate to challenge his rather conservative party to submit this marriage contract.



It is a far-fetched concept which had made followers, in particular the animators of the Groonk site who proposed to download a moral contract form concerning marriage for a period of three or five years at the end of 2004.

Nevertheless, such a law would be possible in France, but there still has to be a real interest in the reform. This proposal would aim to save a difficult divorce, according to Gabriele Pauli but for Ms. Caroline Mecary, (lawyer specializing in family law) this is not tangible enough.

According to Gabriele Pauli, the marriage in CDD could save an expensive divorce. In France, the amount can range from 1 euros for an amicable divorce, to around 500 euros for a fault divorce. Conversely, according to Caroline Mecary, the costs associated with the division of property would be more expensive than the divorce itself.

To be continued…


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